Spiral laces

Self-binding laces in spiral shape

Spiral - laces self-binding at  an unbeatable price!

1 pair / 2 pieces

max. length 140 cm

Sweet 80's - Retro vs. Modern

Spiral laces - Never tie shoes again and always an ideal carrying company!

Your advantages:

  • Top quality!
  • All spiral laces are super reduced!
  • No more annoying shoes tie - just thread, done!
  • The laces don't work anymore!
  • Always an ideal tensile strength of the spiral slacks, the shoes are never too tight or too loosely bound!
  • Colle new look!
  • Latest trend!

Make your shoes a real eye-catcher!

Item description:

Material: elastic polyester
Length: one size (suitable for all half and sneakers)
 14 cm (unstressed) - max. length 140 cm (stretched)
color: purple, pink, neon yellow, white, neon orange, black, red, yellow, black blue, dark blue (navi), turquoise
number: 2 pieces / 1 pair


General note:
The pictures do not reflect the articles 1:1.
Please refer to the dimensions from the article description.

Spiral laces

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