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Glass markers / glass pendants for stem glasses

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we offer you in our online shop a large selection of glass pendants for sparkling wine and wine glasses. We choose the most beautiful and high-quality motifs for you in order to offer the right glass markers for all occasions.  All our markers are manufactured by ourselves and therefore always controlled.

Our customers use the glass markers for various occasions such as .B weddings,  birthday parties,  anniversaries,  barbecue parties and other  exclusive events. Our products are also very happy to be used as an unusual gift (also as a guest gift). In addition to  pumps,  hearts  or  cubes, our cat eyes as well as pearl pendants  are very popular. I would be happy to make you an interesting offer for large-scale purchases - just write to us:

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Interesting facts about our product:

The jewelry rings used by our glass markers  are silver-plated and have a ring diameter of 40 or 29 mm (depending on the model). These fit all common wine and sparkling wine glasses (style glasses).

On the jewelry rings there are various eye-catchers or beads made of different material eras such as .B. rhinestones, acrylic, glass, metal or silver-plated or gold-plated beads.

The number of handmade glass markers for champagne glasses and wine glasses varies between 6, 10 or 12 depending on the type. On request you will of course also receive a larger number of glass markers for your wedding party or birthday party ( and since we manufacture ourglass markers by hand we can take your personal wishes into account.

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